Think Modular.

We started off with one thing: to make a change. And one thing led to another forex brokers pakistan . That's how it goes sometimes: you live, you act and you learn from experience.

C6(n) above all is an ingenious kit of parts, right for one occasion in one moment and for something entirely different in another. Infinite flexibility means endless possibilities. Small enough to stand out, large enough to be outstanding.

It’s our ambition for this revolutionary engineering to be a force for good: provide emergency accommodation in times of crisis, close the gap in the housing market and create better building solutions for all.

Join us as we take the next step in our journey.

The Next Phase of Innovation

Using ground-breaking materials, our structures are modular and adaptable: light enough to be transported and assembled by a small team, yet strong enough to provide a home or community space for those who need it most. Reusable, the buildings can be taken apart and used over and over again without degradation.

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A New Way of Thinking

C6(n) above all is a modular elevated vantage point for us all: a holistic approach to reinventing construction, bringing best forex broker pakistan positive change to the world. By shifting our mindset of what a building is and how it functions, our ideas have grown as ambitious as our structures.

With capability to fully assemble in hours, using a small crew and all constructed by hand, our structures provide quick and safe solutions to improve lives, address vast inequality and fix the system.

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Building Future Landscapes

Everything permanent can be perpetually changed.
Anything temporary is now indefinitely best broker for forex trading in pakistan reusable.
Something ugly can always be remade beautiful
Imagine affordable housing for those otherwise cut off from the market: Above All structures can be used to bridge the gap between the have and have-nots.

Imagine emergency structures for those in need of disaster relief: secure, habitable and durable, these buildings cater to the humanity of people in crisis and provide more than just shelter.

The cost of a building converted into an investment lasting 10 lifetimes: flexible inside and out, the layout and design of a structure is modular, recyclable and reusable.

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